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About Kathleen

I am certified in Braille Music Transcription and Literary Braille Transcription through the National Library Service of the Library of Congress. I am also currently pursuing my certification in Braille Formats. I am a member of the National Braille Association and a member of the Braille Music Committee.

I became interested in Braille while working at the American Printing House for the Blind in Louisville, Kentucky, as a Resource Service Specialist. While performing my many duties, some of which included maintaining the Louis Database of Accessible Materials, processing orders for large print textbooks, and answering telephone inquiries, I learned how critical a role braille plays, not only for visually impaired students, but for thousands of braille readers of all ages.

When I moved to New York City with my husband and newborn daughter I decided it was the right time to enroll in the transcription course offered by the NLS and learn the art of braille transcription.

I also hold a Bachelor's Degree in Piano Performance from the University of Louisville, and a Master of Arts Degree in Early Music Performance Practices from Case Western Reserve University. I perform professionally as a vocalist in Manhattan and around the country.

In addition to transcribing, singing, and raising my two daughters, I spend my free time knitting, running, and enjoying my favorite Irish whisky, Midleton Very Rare.