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Kathleen Cantrell, certified NLS Braille Music and Literary transcriber and owner of Spellbound Braille Transcription, provides quality braille with a focus on timeliness, accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and courtesy.

The Spellbound Philosophy

Many have asked me, “Why braille? Isn't it obsolete?” My immediate answer: “When the printed word becomes obsolete, braille will become obsolete.”
     While our society is increasingly utilizing electronic communication in many aspects of our lives, the printed page still plays a major role, from magazines, menus, and manuals to piano, choral, and orchestral scores. Braille music and text allows braille readers to have the complete access to print information that their sighted peers may take for granted. My desire and professional goal as a braille transcriber is to provide accessible material to those who are in need of it. Whether you are an employer needing to be compliant with the ADA guidelines or a visually-impaired individual looking for a book or score currently unavailable in braille, Spellbound Braille will provide what you need.